Exhibitors are Wanted. Event Booths are available. We are looking for people to exhibit, entertain and volunteer! Let's spread the word of attractions of Africa in Africa Heritage event together. We are looking to see who wants to have a booth at the food court and bazaar.

If you wish to exhibit to our events for the first time, please fill in the following form(FREE). Once the registration is approved after review, We will give you a password to log in to the "Exhibitor Outline / Application Form" page.

*In the "Exhibitor Outline / Application Form" page, exhibitor members can view and download exhibitors guidelines / application form for future events.
*Membership registration is not an exhibit application to each event.
Those who exhibitors hope to each event, please separately submit their application form.

African Heritage Festival 2024
About recruiting exhibitors

We are now recruiting exhibitors.

  • [Application start] December 20, 2023
  • [Application deadline] Until March 10th

If you would like to apply, please fill out the membership restration form and send it to us.

*The number of exhibitors is limited.
*If we reach the capacity of applications by the deadline, we may decline your application.

▼If you are not exhibitor member, please apply exhibitor membership registration.

Exhibitor Membership Registration Form

▼If you are exhibitor member, please enter the password to login

Exhibitor Outline / Application Form

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